Interesting Links


We suggest you have a glance at the following websites, too. 


Chalice Guild

A non-profit organization dedicated to offering the teachings of Reshad Feild and the inner teachings of the Sufi tradition in the United States.


Chalice Verlag 

The German website of Chalice Verlag, the parent company of Chalice Publishing.

Beshara School

Beshara is a name for the perspective that there is only one unlimited existence, expressing itself infinitely as a gift of love, for the realization that self-knowledge from such a unifying point of view results in an understanding of the whole, by the whole, and for this wisdom, which is at the heart of all the great spiritual and religious traditions. The courses of the Beshara School offer students an in-depth study of the principles of the unity of being.

Chisholme Institute

The Chisholme Institute was established in 1979 on a beautiful 18th Century Scottish estate 60 miles south of Edinburgh. Since then, its focus has been to provide education in the art of self-discovery to students from all over the world and to promote an increased awareness of the real value of our connection to the world and each other. The courses and retreats at Chisholme address body, mind and spirit in a balanced and integrated way, through programmes of study, meditation, work and devotional practice.