In Memoriam Reshad Feild
15 April 1934 – 31 May 2016

Photo: Chalice Publishing / Niggi Bräuning 1992

At the age of 82 our esteemed author, respected teacher and beloved friend Reshad Feild passed away on 31 May 2016 in Devon, England. His ashes were scattered over the river Dart, where he loved to walk and sit during the last years of his life.

The following slide show of photographs taken mainly during Reshad’s years in America and sound-tracked by his song Prayer of Abandonment has been published on YouTube by Bruce Miller:

Everybody who wishes to share personal memories or express thanks to Reshad is invited to do so here.

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william friedson

What a goofy great teacher (gufi)!!We will all miss him so much!! He fought so hard!! Such Kindness, and Compassion.Thank you Reshad and your great team,love william


Reshad was the ideal teacher. He taught not only with words, but with the Sound of truth itself. He never wanted followers. He wanted pupils - asking us to let go of answers and find our own questions, seeing our potential Long before we did, giving exercises, telling stories, encouraging, scolding us only if he felt our Egos getting in the way. Understanding a lesson just intellectually was not good enough for him, He wanted us to understand with our whole being, to go for the truth itself and cherish the life we were given giving back.
May the seed he was sowing continue to grow.
In gratefullness



Maria Magdalena Eder

Dear Reshad, only now I understand the recent torrents from the sky....You have left this EARTH......please keep with us human beings....lead us ... your help to transform badness, cruelty and ignorance to beauty, love and truth. ....I send you my kisses, Maria Magdalena

 Karin Monte

The Gentle Breath of the Lion
Dear Reshad,
You sang, you danced, you roared with laughter and fury, you filled the room with generosity while constantly creating a still point in the middle. While healing others in so many ways you yourself seemed to be continuously in physical pain. You had an urgent message, you almost desperately needed to make us listen to Rumi's message of love, compassion and service. Thank you for never giving up and thank you for eventually trusting that "the gentle breath of the lion", as you called it, had kindled the fire in one or the other, actually in all of us.
Nobody who met you even briefly will forget the welcome you had for everyone.
Now you have moved on to another realm. I am sure that we can always meet you in the moments of beauty.
Karin Monte

Lisa Lisa

Mr. Feild, I never met you physically but internally you will always live on . I was divinely lead to your writings they became sound nourishment for a longing soul both milk and meat. For me so many miles away it gave such comfort yet knowing a man like you existed on the earth and breathed upon in with me . I will miss the surety of knowing you physically dance here. As far as your breath ,well, it will forever circuit this earth and dance inside my inhale and exhale.. With love , Lisa

Cedi Rozsa Mol

As Reshad's sons told; some of his last words were to tell his friends that he loved them and he wished us well on our journey. Thank you Reshad, we'll take that in and pass it on, in our smiles, our memories, respect for eachother, moving along, stopping for a sign, laughing with love, crying for letting go, all being connected with endless golden threads. So long...

 Elisabeth Gubelmann

Thank you for all the teachings and Gifts received. May your Soul rest in peace and be in the presence of HIS Light.


Life feels sad today, thank you for the joy you brought in your compassionate way Reshad,


Dear Reshad!
Thank you very much for your teachings, preparing me for the journey and the many good laughter! Love and light

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Completion does not start,
nor is there any ending to the movement of truth itself.

Completion in a cycle of life is like looping the wind
from one place to the other, from north or south or east or west,
looping the wind.

The wind starts from our own beginnings,
transitions and, maybe, lack of understanding.

Silence develops out of light
from within the heart of an honest man or woman in this world.

The end of a cycle is not the end of possibility,
it is only the beginning.

Once when I was young, I was alone on a hill in Scotland, walking long distances.
There was nowhere I could see to go.

But then, after many miles of walking in the mountains
– I went home.
And then I knew where to go.

Reshad Feild: The Inner Work, Volume I, page 382

Go On Your Way, Be Easy

Live recording at Johanneshof, Kastanienbaum, Switzerland, on 1 September 1994. Reshad Feild (vocals, guitar) and Dominique Starck (guitar).



Photo: Chalice Publishing