In Memoriam Reshad Feild
15 April 1934 – 31 May 2016

Photo: Chalice Publishing / Niggi Bräuning 1992

At the age of 82 our esteemed author, respected teacher and beloved friend Reshad Feild passed away on 31 May 2016 in Devon, England. His ashes were scattered over the river Dart, where he loved to walk and sit during the last years of his life.

The following slide show of photographs taken mainly during Reshad’s years in America and sound-tracked by his song Prayer of Abandonment has been published on YouTube by Bruce Miller:

Everybody who wishes to share personal memories or express thanks to Reshad is invited to do so here.

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Peter Hüseyin Cunz

Dear Reshad,
You were an important person in my life. I thank Allah for what we were living together!
May Allah be pleased with you! And may you now be in ever lasting peace within the One to Whom you had always pointed to! EyvAllah Huuuuuu

 Johannes Spitzl

We may not remember everything you said,
but we will always remember the sound of your voice.

thank you, dear Reshad

Karin Hein

Beloved Reshad,
when I asked about the end, you simple said: "There is no death".
So how to conceive of this parting?
I feel your tremendous gratefulness, love, unimaginable loyalty and friendship as alive as ever - beyond all constrictions in words.
soThank you, thank you, thank you always.

 Dania Ehrenzeller

Luz y Progreso en tu nuevo camino ,
Mi querido maestro , mil gracias por toda tu ayuda y cariño para con nosotras ,por mostrarnos el camino , siempre te llevaremos y viviras en nuestros corazònes .
Dania y Viviana Ehrenzeller

 Toni Kaufmann

Reshad, my dear friend, I feel sad and I will miss you a lot. You have been so humble and you were a giant in the realm of LOVE. It has been a honor to know you and to walk with you for a while on our way back home. You have decided to die into a new life. We will meet again! I will cherish all the memories of the time we spent together - So long farewell my friend until we meet again.
In loving memory

"Devotion to God is studying him in every aspect; serving God is teaching what you know of Him to others."
Reshad Feild

 Tanja Schneider

Thank you for everything, Reshad. " Rumi was without boundaries. He would say that love is the religion and the universe is the book, that experience as we’re living it is the sacred text that we study, so that puts us all in the same God club.” - Coleman Barks This is , what I understand , deeply - through your Teachings and your Love . I will Never stop , Talking about - that and who teached me that - you , Reshad Feild.

 stefan a./ kabir bommer

dear Reshad
you were such a deep inspiration for all who had the opportunity to meet you! you brought us in contact with Life Itself so that we are able to go on our way. you gave your life to Life Itself and are such a great example for all to see it - helping opening our ears, eyes and hearts - who really wanted to know. your life, your work, your life was and still is a great, living example of walking the Way of Compassion, Love and Service.
thank you for being, thank you for your courage, thank you for your selflessness, thank you for your teaching in everyday action, thank you for sharing your life, thank you for your love, thank you your humour, thank for allowing us to be with you.
you will always have a very special place in my heart and I am sure in everybody's heart who has ever met you whether they know it or not.
in deepest awe and gratefulness.

 Jan van Tiggelen

Honesty, there is no other Way....
Compassion, the all embracing love of the Creator ...

In gratefulness,

Majid al Mevlevi ar Rifai Majid

All things must pass into Light and return to the Source of All (TAO). Reshad has returned after a life of service and dealing with the demons of the Nafs that are so hard to redeem. None of us have a claim on the Real Truth as it just is. We sometimes stumble upon it like a fragment of gold in the dirt and it changes us. I stumbled upon Reshad almost 50 years ago and it led to Moulana Rumi and Achmad Rifai. Just remember to breathe folks! Laugh every day and have ecstasy as your sacrament.


I looked into your eyes and hope to do so again inside the Vortex. Thanks for Konya, keeping the horse flies off in Chamonix, letting me go and encouraging me to run free. Not sure I got anywhere but Hu knows.

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Completion does not start,
nor is there any ending to the movement of truth itself.

Completion in a cycle of life is like looping the wind
from one place to the other, from north or south or east or west,
looping the wind.

The wind starts from our own beginnings,
transitions and, maybe, lack of understanding.

Silence develops out of light
from within the heart of an honest man or woman in this world.

The end of a cycle is not the end of possibility,
it is only the beginning.

Once when I was young, I was alone on a hill in Scotland, walking long distances.
There was nowhere I could see to go.

But then, after many miles of walking in the mountains
– I went home.
And then I knew where to go.

Reshad Feild: The Inner Work, Volume I, page 382

Go On Your Way, Be Easy

Live recording at Johanneshof, Kastanienbaum, Switzerland, on 1 September 1994. Reshad Feild (vocals, guitar) and Dominique Starck (guitar).



Photo: Chalice Publishing